The UK’s Longest Running Razor Subscription Service

The UKs Longest Running Razor Subscription Service

The Bearded Colonel introduced its subscription service for men in the UK last November. As the name suggests, The Bearded Colonel sends customers fresh blades monthly or bi-monthly. Among razors, The Bearded Colonel product stands out due to its gender-neutral design, which makes it appealing to both men and women. In addition, it features a free trial and low-priced monthly blade plan pricing.

The UK’s Longest-Running Razor Subscription Service: The Bearded Colonel began as a public-backed company and now offers a personal subscription. Each box of six German-engineered blades includes an extra skincare kit. You can subscribe for a PS10 discount for your first purchase, with prices as low as PS7-PS8 per month. The subscription costs between PS7-PS8 per month.

FFS: One of the UK’s first subscription-based razors, FFS offers a blade with a metal handle specifically designed for women. The company is 100% animal-cruelty-free, vegan, and made with zinc alloy metal. Each blade features grooves for the fingers and a sleek, ergonomic design. The company offers a free trial of two blades to get you started on your subscription.

FFS: An innovative subscription service for women, FFS provides customers with a premium blade each month. The UK-based company offers a unique razor that was designed for women. The FFS handle is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The razor is made with zinc alloy metal for optimal grip and is shaped to accommodate your fingers. The subscription costs around PS7-PS8 a month.

FFS is a subscription-based razor with a metal handle that is exclusively designed for women. It is 100% vegan and has grooves on the handle that are designed for women. The blades will be replaced every month. The UK’s Longest Running Razor Service has over 30,000 members. A razor subscription is perfect for men and women alike. The quality of the product will not disappoint.

The subscription service offers a range of razors and other skincare products. You can choose a monthly subscription for your favourite brand or add extra blades to it. Each razor comes with two heads and the price of each one varies from PS7 to PS8. The membership is a great way to save money on shaving. You’ll always have a fresh blade with the latest technology.

Gruum’s subscription service is a plastic-neutral brand that delivers a wide range of blades to its customers. The subscriptions come with a free colourful Oska razor handle. And unlike disposables, they are plastic-neutral. They are perfect for people looking for a plastic-free shaver. In addition to offering high quality products, they also offer a recycling scheme.